Nurse Appointments

At Ferring Street we offer a range of appointments with a Veterinary Nurse. Our Veterinary Nurses are here to give you advice and support whenever you need it.

Listed below are some of the consultations available:

  • Nail clips
  • Anal gland emptying
  • Flea and worming advice
  • Post operative checks and suture removal
  • Diabetic clinics
  • Senior health clinics
  • Dental clinics
  • Puppy and kitten advice
  • Cuddle and care clinics
  • Post op check and wound care
  • Weight clinics

Diabetic clinics

For those pets that are newly diagnosed with the condition and would like further guidance and support. During these clinics the Veterinary Nurse can help owners to understand what diabetes means and how it will affect their pet. The Veterinary Nurse can also help to demonstrate how to inject insulin safely and most importantly show owners how to come up with a daily routine. This clinic may also be useful for owners that wish to be shown how to do glucose curves at home.

Senior health clinics

As our pets age their body will change in different ways and sometimes these changes can happen without us even realising. It is important with any condition to diagnose it early but also with regular checks we can often help prevent them developing. Our senior health clinics will offer clients a chance to have their pets examined and to help owners recognise the symptoms of common diseases that can be a worry when our pets age. They can include urinalysis and measurement of blood pressure.

Dental clinics

Over 80% of dogs and 70% of cats aged over 3 years have dental disease of some kind. This is a big percentage of pets that are at risk of requiring dental care. Not only can this be costly for an owner, but it also means your pet will require an anaesthetic for something that could be prevented. The Veterinary Nurse can check your pets’ teeth to assess their condition whilst also helping owners to get involved with dental care.

Puppy and kitten advice

These clinics are aimed at owners who are soon to be picking up their new member of the family or have brought their puppy or kitten home recently. This clinic can be beneficial for owners that have never had a pet before or even experienced owners that want to make sure they are covering all areas. The Veterinary Nurse can go through diet, behaviour, training, growth and much more.

Cuddle and care clinics

These clinics are aimed at anxious and nervous pets. We know that visiting the Veterinary Practice can be a very scary time for your pets. Cuddle and care clinics give owners and pets the opportunity to come in for a visit without the dreaded examinations or injections! Expect treats, love, patience and time from our Veterinary Nurses.

Weight clinics

If you have concerns that your pet is overweight then this clinic can really help you as an owner to know what overweight means to your individual animal and how it can be managed. Weight loss doesn’t have to be scary as our Veterinary Nurses will work alongside you to make changes be it big or small.

Flea and worming advice

As the market of flea and worming products is forever growing it can become very daunting for pet owners to know what the most effective treatment for their beloved friend is. Here at Ferring Street Vets we want to make sure that owners understand exactly what it is they are giving their pet throughout the year. We can also demonstrate to owners how to give these treatments correctly and when. By doing this we can help keep those nasty parasites at bay!